Welcome to Fitnessfestivalen

December 3-5, 2021

Welcome to the biggest fitness weekend of the year in the Northern Europe! Fitnessfestivalen is where you get in touch with anything you need in training, fitness and active health. Here you will meet like-minded people who live for fitness and training, and famous influencers in the industry. Listen to lectures, watch or participate in competitions and experience and shop new products.

Date: December 3-5, 2021 at Stockholmsmässan.

About Fitnessfestivalen

Experience a splendid fitness festival for everyone who love fitness, training and active health!

Competitions at Fitnessfestivalen:

• Luciapokalen - Sweden's oldest and largest beginner competition in body building.
• Fit Model Scandinavia - An independent and open competition for all women and men over the age of 18 in Scandinavia.
• Fitnessfestivalen Throwdown - Sweden's largest cross-fitting competition.
• Extream Boxjump Challenge - How high can you jump straight up onto a box?
• Last One Standing - A competition focusing on the ground lift.
• Biceps Battle - How many bicep curls can you complete on stage?
• Street Workout - A competition of gymnastics and parkour along with raw strenght and control.
• SM Chins - Who can pull uo to the chin the most times?
• SM Bar-dips - A tough challenge with lots of adrenaline!
• Acid Masters - An endurance sport and cmpetition where you can race without having to leave the arena or even your home gym.
• SM Bodypress - How many reps ca you do in 100 seconds?
• MAX Grip Challenge - How much weight can you lift with your fingertips?

Prior to your visit

Welcome to Stockholmsmässan, the Nordic region's largest exhibition center! Here you will find information about how to find us, parking spaces, on-site service and much more.

Welcome to Stockholmsmässan