HYROX logotyp

Upplev och tävla i HYROX på Fitnessfestivalen 2 december! Med din biljett ingår inträde både som åskådare till HYROX och som besökare till Fitnessfestivalen. Gör dig redo att känna pulsen!

This is HYROX!

HYROX combines both running & functional workout stations, where participants run 1km, followed by 1 functional workout station, repeated eight times. Each race is hosted indoors in expansive exhibition halls, creating an immersive and electrifying race, where your spectators can support you from the very beginning to the very end. This race format remains consistent across the globe, enabling global leaderboards & a cumulative World Championships at the end of each race season. Accommodating both professional athletes, and everyday fitness enthusiasts looking to take their training to the next level, HYROX is the sport for everybody.

Over 98% of our athletes complete their HYROX race. With no finishing time restriction, and no qualification required to enter, HYROX welcomes every participant with open arms. It is a race to run at your own pace, with the continuous support of friends, family and fellow participants.

Not only that, but the structure of HYROX eliminates the generic fear of ‘coming last’. Every HYROX race has start waves of all ages happening every 10 minutes throughout the entire day, working through each division. Put simply, this means that a 3-hourathlete can cross the finish line at the very same time as a sub-60 athlete!

Bli en del av HYROX, tävlingen som förenar löpning och funktionell träning. Testa dina gränser och upplev den energifyllda atmosfären. Du är välkommen att delta oavsett om du är nybörjare eller proffs. Gör dig redo för en oförglömlig tävlingsupplevelse. Anmäl dig via Hyrox hemsida redan idag!