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CoreStix – fascinating, functional and extreme effective full body work out

Come and test our CoreStix. You will be thrilled by its (at the same time) simplicity and same time sophisticated complexity. Everyone can work out on Corestix. No matter if beginner or professional, patient or persons in rehabilitation. Right from the start you can feel its flexibility, versatility and the great effect you get during your work out. Each exercise involves the core and full control – our powerhouse and the basic for a good body control.
You never work out just one muscle – always the muscle chains and functional muscles.

There is no comparable workout unit or functional training that involves the whole body from head to toe. This makes CoreStix a unique and most efficient, proprioceptive training system within the market.

A regular 20 minute work out helps to built up core power and full body strength. Workout in group training is a lot of fun and very powerful. In physiotherapy you help patients to regain their body strength and everyday practicability within a short period of time.

So come and visit our booth - try it – feel it – love it. Become member of our fan club!
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